Lectio Divina


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Lectio Divina

Each week the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops publish the Lectio Divina for the Sunday Readings for Advent

“Lectio divina (Divine Reading) is a form of meditation rooted in liturgical celebration that dates back to early monastic communities. As one reads and invites the Word to become a transforming lens that brings the events of daily living into focus, one can come to live more deeply and find the presence of God more readily in the events of each day. The method of lectio divina follows four steps:

• lectio (reading), • meditatio (meditation), • contemplatio (contemplation), • oratio (prayer).”      

Readings for the Fourth Sunday of Advent:  English, Espanol

Advent Calendar

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Additional Resources

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops provide additional resources to help celebrate Advent and prepare for the coming of Advent.