The Pontifical Institute of the Religious Teachers Filippini
is an Institute of consecrated life dedicated to the works of the Christian Apostolate. 

Faithful to the original inspiration of our Founders, St. Lucy Filippini and Cardinal Mark Anthony Barbarigo,
we continue to regard the ministry of the Christian education of youth and of adults, especially women, as our principal duty. 


Our founding call is to Go and Teach the Word of God. We bring God’s compassionate love to the world. We work in places of great poverty and need. We respond to the call of Mercy as we dedicate ourselvesis to make a difference in the lives of people, especially those who are struggling for all kinds of reasons.

We make known God’s goodness and love of the poor through our Consecration to God following the example of His life; we are fortified for our mission through the Eucharist, our community and prayer. Continuing a strong educational tradition, we take our stand with poor people, especially women and children, in the most abandoned places.

Currently, the Religious Teachers reach out to the poorest of the poor throughut the world in six continents including the United States.

Every 14 seconds a Child Headed Household is formed. This means that every 14 seconds, a child under 18 is left to take care of his or her younger siblings. Where do they live? How do they survive? How can you help these children to not just cope but to succeed in life? Learn about these projects and ways you can help the Filippini sisters in their mission work at Aids Orphans Rising

"If you don't have faith, you can't have hope and without hope, there is no future."

Sister Mary Elizabeth Lloyd, MPF, International Mission Director



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